Revitalizing face treatments

Fanny of Westmount now located in Old Montreal will design refreshing, cleansing, toning and moisturizing custom treatments to help you put your best face forward.

Beauty is a priority, where renowned European products are combined with the latest techniques. Our facials fade wrinkles and correct imperfections and each treatment is complimented by a hand & foot massage.                                                                           

Starting at
Basic facial (1h15) $75
Mini facial (Beauty Flash) (30 min) $55
Facial with a nourishing vial (1h30) $90
Biological micro peeling facial + nourishing vial (1h30) $120
Facial for acne-prone skin (1h30) $100
Sea C spa facial (1h30) $125
Collagen facial (2h) $155
Botinol facial (2h) $160
Hydrolifting or Ultraderm facial (1h30 to 2h) $115
Algomask facial (1h30) $95
Fruit acid exfoliating and revitalizing facial (1h30) $120
Anti-stress facial with essential oils combined (1h15 to 1h30) + a therapeutic hands-feet massage or exfoliation $150
Oxygen + glycolic acid facial treatment (from 30 min)  $87
Micro peeling, AHA $30
Eye contour treatment Algomask (30 min) $55
Contour treatment collagen (45-60 min) $77

Make up

Skilled makeup artists will help you put together a customized makeup kit that reflects your style and provides makeup options and looks for every season or special occasion. Fanny of Westmount specializes in bridal party looks, cinema, TV, theatre, photography and fashion runways.

Starting at
Makeup (30min to 1h) $49 to $120
Makeup by Fanny (1h) $68 to $150
Bridal makeup (1h) $60 to $150
Stage makeup (1h) $ 76 to $150
Private makeup lesson (1h30) $ 76 to $150
Mini facial before makeup with Vial (30 min) $55
Additional nourishing vial $15
Eye lashes extensions (2h) $200
False eyelashes (20 min) $38
Eyelash tinting (30 min) $35
Brow tinting (3 min) $20

Ear piercing

Ear piercing always includes the earrings.

Starting at
One ear $25 to $30
Both ears $40 to $55

Manicure and Pedicure

Essential Hand and Foot care

Hands and Feet are the hardest working parts of our bodies; they require special care and attention. Talk to one of our experts on what you can do to take care of them. Essential treatments to maintain the youthful appearance and softness of both your hands and feet.

  Starting at
Basic manicure (30 min to 45 min) $25
Manicure and buffing (1h) $35
Manicure and moisturizing treatment for cuticles (1h) $35
Spa manicure: aromatherapy with sea salt exfoliation $49
Manicure, exfoliation and paraffin* (1h15) $52
Paraffin treatment* $30
Pedicure (1h) $49
Beauty feet (30 min to 45 min)        $38
Spa Pedicure: aroma-therapeutic with sea salt exfoliation (1h15) $72
Feet treatment pedicure, exfoliation & paraffin* (1h30) $75

* The use of paraffin is highly recommended for hand and feet softness, moisturizing, aging prevention and for relief of arthritis pain.

Hair Removal   

Fanny of Westmount makes hair removal simple and effective for both women and men. Hair removal techniques include hot or cold wax and electrolysis. Bleaching is also offered at the same rate.

Starting at
Eyebrow maintenance, tweezing or waxing $18
Eyebrow shaping, tweezing or waxing $25
Upper lip $15
Chin or side of face $19
Nape of the neck or stomach $19
Under arms $ 20
Bikini $ 25
Forearms $25
Full arms $30
Ear or nose $19
Lower leg $28
Upper leg $32
Upper leg and bikini $42
Full leg and bikini $49
Back $49
Chest $39
Computer-assisted electrolysis (5 min) ($1 extra min) $10
Personal needle $ 5

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